The Place I Love

              The place I love is library and I have two reasons.

              First, I just, I love books. I like reading books which is novels, academic titles, reports, poems and so on and it is my palate. I derive happiness from that there are a lot of books around me and it stimulates interest.

              Other, I think public library is very special place. People can have private space in the library which is public place. It is just wondering there are both public and personal space on the same place, isn’t it.

              There are the reasons why I love library.


Some Dispositions Which Are Suitable For Teacher

              There are many dispositions that teacher should tend. However I think these are two major classes; the technical and humanly class.

              Teacher is a profession. They have to retain, increase and convey information for students so they need having sufficient knowledge deservingly. Garnering it is very important and I think there are also significant not only knowledge but also responsibility for teaching. Teaching for students is special and delicate so Teacher must have duty to their teaching itself. Knowledge and responsibility are both key elements of the technical part.

              Other, humanity is the very important character too. Of course teacher tells some information but they must communicate with the children first in order to teach better. Humanly part have an essential role for teaching.

              Both the technical and humanly part are the essential ingredients for teach better. If Teacher lacks their professions they will not be able to know what they should teach. And if their humanity is absent, they will be robot and there is no need that teacher is human. These are the reason that the technicality and humanity have to be dispositions of Teacher. 

Why I Have Decided to Take This Class

              Why I have decided to take this class?

              I have a dream that one day the world are filled and tied by the books. Why I want to do it?

I think the book is aggregate of words and the words are the own power of humans. We use it and encourage someone, change our mind and so on. By the other hands we hurt anyone by the words or when people use the different words it become a wall. Then sometime we can get something new by it. In these case, people are affected not only words. They may be feeling any strong power; human’s spirit.

 The book is aggregate of words and the words are spirit. So people are greatly influenced by books. If the world are filled and tied by the books, the world might be kind for all of people by touching any spirit. I think it is wonderful and I want to translate and publish books to come true. However as you can see, my writing skill (not only writing) of English is so poor and I have to practice writing.

It is the reason I have decided to take this class.